• Eyelash Growth Serum Lash Enhancer Made in Germany...

    ?THE No. 1 EASY TO USE LASH ENHANCING LIQUID MADE IN GERMANY – Effective advanced 4 ml. natural eyelash growth serum formula for long beautiful eyelashes and thicker eyebrows. Non-irritating, gentle and safe for all skin types.
    ??CRUELTY FREE – Ophthalmologically and Dermatologically certified. Guaranteed growth of lashes and eyebrows with first results within 2-4 weeks of use.
    ?EYELASH ENHANCER AND BOOSTER SERUM 4-6 months use (0.135 oz / 4 ml.) contains panthenol and Camomile Flower Extract. The amazing result is longer, stronger and thicker lashes and brows. Nourishing dose of ingredients to grow eyebrows and boost lashes naturally.

  • MD Lash Factor Eyelash Growth Serum| Enhances Your...

    RE-GROW YOUR LASHES: MD eyelash growth serum is a natural way to have longer and fuller lashes without having to undergo expensive and potentially dangerous cosmetic procedures. Forget about using unnatural-looking expensive falsies. Great for re-growing lashes if they’re damaged by eyelash glue, lash curler, extensions, mascaras or just have stubby short lashes. The eyelash serum can also be applied on thinning or overplucked eyebrows.
    PACKED WITH EYE-FRIENDLY NUTRIENTS: Our eyelash growth conditioner is packed with natural and eye friendly nutrients like, cytokines (a class of cell-signaling molecules that stimulates the movement of cells to promote growth), antioxidants and vitamins, all of which are essential nutrients to help you develop fuller lashes for that beautiful wide-eyed look – hello, gorgeous!
    OPHTHALMOLOGIST-TESTED EYELASH CONDITIONER: Your eyes are some of your most delicate features, so it’s crucial to be using only the safest products on them. You’d be happy to know that MD Lash Factor natural eyelash growth serum is ophthalmologist tested, which means it’s very safe. Safe for sensitive eyes or are wearing contact lenses. You’ll have no issues using the natural eyelash growth serum lash booster.

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