• ROSAUI Smart Phone Sanitizer UV Sterilizer Ultraviolet-Clean...

    UV+Ozone Sanitizer: The smartphone uv sanitizer sterilizer built in dual bacteria-zapping UV disinfectant lamp. NO Liquid, Heat, or Chemical USED, eliminating germs and up to 99.9% of bacteria.
    Easy to Use: Short press clean switch, buzzer rings once, and the indicator with green lights on, the 18 mins fast disinfection mode will be start; double short press clean switch, buzzer rings twice, and the indicator with blue lights on, the 30 mins standard disinfection mode will be start. The buzzer rings 3 times and indicator light off after the disinfection process is complete.
    3 in 1 Design: 1, UV+Ozone Sanitizer; 2, Built-in Wireless Charging Pad, fast wireless charger compatible with iphone, samsung, and other smartphones with wireless charging function; 3, Aromatherapy Functions: inject aromatherapy essential oil into the aromatherapy entrance, take your phones or others personal items to have an aromatherapy SPA.

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